After more than a decade Brasa restaurant has reached the end of their lease and Bryan and Tamara are closing one chapter of their life together and looking forward to new ventures. “We have loved our time with Brasa, and we have had an awesome run. There are simply too many people to say thank you too, and so many incredible experiences to recount. We are grateful to all our staff, investors, family and friends. You have made the experience, unforgettable.”

For over a decade Brasa has been privileged to serve our community in unique ways and we have been blessed with the support of our community in return. Brasa’s landlord Samis Land have been supportive every step of the way and we could not have asked for a better partnership. Brasa created a community that brought strangers together, who became long lasting friends. We were the venue for celebrations large and small, contributing in many ways to the greater good of the surrounding community through raising many dollars for charity. Friends were made here and lives were changed. Our lives became richer and fuller. So many good chefs came from Brasa to go on and have their own restaurants.

Although an end of an era, it is also the beginning of a new one, for Tamara and Bryan. There are many exciting opportunities in the works. I look forward to building Terra Plata, the new Elliott Bay Café opening on Capitol Hill in a couple of weeks, an event space in Pioneer Square adjacent to my cafe (aka the former Reading Room of the Elliott Bay Book Company) and my first book TENDER to be released this summer. Bryan is taking some time to regroup and decide on the direction of his career.

Bryan and I are eternally grateful to those that have graced our tables, supported our causes, and have made Brasa the institution that it has become.

To all of our talented cooks, managers, bartenders, waiters, hosts, bussers and dishwashers that have become a part of our Brasa family, and to our customers, our friends and our supporters…you have enhanced our lives for more than a decade and we want to say…

Thank You for the journey,

Tamara and Bryan

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